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AD HOC JUDGE OF THE WORLD COURT, ICJ. (Notes taken from Dr. Henderson's presentation by El RojoJohnson) 
The Europe and Moorish Nation Connection:

King Henry of England was a Blackamoor, Black or melanated man. His bloodline is the lineage of the tribe of Judah, (yes ALL 12 tribes of Israel are ...Blackamoor, Black, Naga or melanin people.) The Vatican had its' traitors inside of King Henry's court who ultimately betrayed him and infiltrated the throne.

King Henry sent his son Colonel Richard Henderson to setup the Americas. The name Henderson is derived from Sons of Henry. The Vatican sent their agents, the Freemasons to the Americas as well.

1774 Colonel Henderson and others wrote the Mecklenburg Declaration in North Carolina for the Americas. This Declaration is the original Declaration of Rights. The so called founding fathers took the 1774 Mecklenburg Declaration of Rights and created the 1776 Declaration of Independence. (As noted in previous post these declarations were used to provide rules on how the tenants the founding fathers and everyone not of Moorish decent, were to operate on the land).

1777 Daniel Boone and his father Squire Boone burned down Colonel Henderson's court house as prisoners. They were agents of George Washington.

The man the US Corp calls the first US President, George Washington was a Free Mason who was on a mission to overthrow the original land owners called the Indians (Autochthones) today.

The so called Founding Fathers’ Revolutionary War was against the original indigenous people of this land, the Autochthones ( Black Indians). As the Revolutionary War was taking place here, the rightful bloodline of the crown of England, King Henry, the Blackamoor was infiltrated and overthrown. Infiltration within the Moorish crown allowed the current false bloodline (Queen Elizabeth) to take the throne of England and then use their Free Masons, the Founding Fathers, to conquer Turtle Island or the Americas. The very land that the White House sits on today is Henderson's land.

In 1787, The Peace and Friendship Treaty was signed between the tenants (The founding fathers and all others who were not Moors or Indian Nations). This Treaty granted them the rights to operate in COMMERCE in the land of the Americas. It DID NOT grant any OWNERSHIP to land.

After the revolutionary war, the US was broke and declared bankruptcy. Again, this war was really against the Moorish Crown in Europe and the Moorish Nations in the Americas. In 1820 Nathan Robertson Henderson bought all land (he consulted with the other Moor Nations aka Autochthones Tribes).

In 1832, the US government borrowed money from Colonel Richard Henderson. The Henderson's owned a bank and had their own currency note.

William M Williams is a signer of the Declaration of Independence (1776).

He is the nephew of Colonel Richard Pickney Henderson. They would not allow Colonel Henderson to sign.

In 1865, all sovereign of the US people not the Moors was turned over to the US government.

In 1897, the 25th President Henley (a Blackamoor) was assassinated because he was dividing the land and giving it to his Moorish people. I'm sure this is how other tribes know to this day which land is there's. Also note he was the 25th President before George Washington.

Our relatives, the Africans were brought over here as slaves to build the US Corporation. The middle passageway, as it's called is rough and very expensive. A lot of lives were lost and it was not worth it to continue this method. So, the founding fathers, business men, etc. decided to enslave the Indians or the Moors. History is written that melenated people's ancestors are former African slaves. While there were slaves from our African lands, there were not the large numbers that are claimed. This lie remains to separate the original Blackamoors or Indians as the rightful owner of the Americas. In addition, other Blackamoors were pushed on to reservations. This is where it is assumed other nations, Mexicans were mixed with the Blackamoors to create what is known as the lighter Native Americans. (Note: It has not been well documented on the specific Nations that mixed to create the Native Americans known today)

But guess what, it has not been forgotten. A man name Dr. Hendo I.L. Henderson the great, great, great grandson of Colonel Richard Henderson has the original title and DNA bloodline to prove owners of this land.

As I have stated over the past couple of months he has filed a petition in the World Court and won.

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